What We Do?

Railway Safety helps the rail industry to manage risk by providing leadership in safety initiatives and by monitoring hazards and risks across the system.

Our role is to:

  • Lead and develop existing long-term safety strategy for the industry.
    Establish new, and maintain existing, Railway Group Standards.
    Be an agent for change and raise safety performance through sponsorship of research, development, education and awareness of safety issues.
  • Lead UK industry representation in development of European legislation and standards that impact on safe inter working of trains and infrastructure.
  • Carry out independent assessment of Railtrack’s and train and station operators’ safety cases, prior to acceptance by the HSE.
    Audit the compliance of Railway Group members with their safety cases and with Railway Group Standards.
  • Lead UK rail industry formal inquiries.

Railway Safety provides a central resource for Railway Group members, offering safety advice, information and practical assistance. The organisation is quality certificated, and staffed by professionals selected for their experience and expertise in operational and engineering safety and risk management.

Of course, none of the above diminishes in any way the primary responsibility of operators to manage their activities so as to ensure risks are reduced as low as reasonably practicable.

Our Quality Policy

Railway Safety is committed to:

  • being an organisation whose role and purpose is open, visibly independent of Railtrack’s commercial business and other persons providing services relating to railways; and fully understood by our customers, staff and others in the industry being seen as the facilitational leader for safety improvement across the Railway Group and provision of interworking standards across all activities on Railtrack controlled infrastructure
  • seeking input from industry into the development of interworking standards
  • promulgation of ‘good practice’ in safety matters, both within the Railway Group and to a wider industrial and commercial audience, without compromising customer confidentiality
  • consistently fulfilling the requirements of our customers in a cost effective and safe manner being recognised as a leader in the development of safety management processes and practice for the rail industry and on a broader front
  • demonstrating our commitment to quality by achieving and maintaining certification to ISO9001:2000
  • maintaining a professional working environment which is supportive of and encourages individuals to realise their potential, and
  • striving for continuous improvement in all that we do.