Good Practice Guides

Good practice guides are comprehensive documents which are designed to spread good safety practice throughout the industry. Railway Safety is continuing its work to develop guidance and tools to support the enhancement of the safety competence and performance of both individual managers and senior management teams.

The manuals are designed to help organisations better integrate safety management within wider business decision-making and make it clear that safety is fundamental to the achievement of business objectives.

The guides have been produced following extensive research, consultation and pilot schemes with various railway businesses. Targeting Railway Group members, the documents are specifically aimed to assist these organisations in delivering the commitments contained within their Railway Safety Cases.

The following good practice guides have been published to date:

  1. Competence in strategic safety management (SSM): Assessing and developing senior management teams.
  2. Reviewing and developing the safety performance of individual managers.
  3. Safety Tours, a good practice guide.
  4. Company Safety plans, a good practice guide.
  5. SPAD investigations, a good practice guide.
  6. Good practice in training – a guide to analysis, design, delivery and management of training.